Taste Good Malaysian Restaurant Facade

Malaysian in Elmhurst, Queens

It's been my experience that if you want to find an exceptional ethnic restaurant it's always a good idea to ask a person of that ethnicity for a recommendation. They will always steer you to the restaurant that is as true to their cuisine as possible. This practice has never failed me yet, in fact,… Continue reading

Xi' an T Shirt

Xi’an Famous Foods, Flushing, NY

Talk about the power of television - after seeing this restaurant featured in Bizarre Foods America we couldn't wait to try it for ourselves.  There was something in the way the hand ripped noodles were presented that I simply had to have some - I believe the correct term is jonesing for some.  We decided… Continue reading

5 Senses Facade

5 Senses Restaurant, K-Town, NYC

This was our second time in as many months to this trendy newcomer (as of this writing) to the K-Town restaurant scene. The place is well lit, clean with a modern feel to it.  The food is Korean with a modern twist. As found in traditional Korean restaurants, we were served assorted Banchan, which are small… Continue reading

Karczma Dining Room

Polish in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

It is widely known that Greenpoint, Brooklyn is a predominantly Polish area. So this is where to find authentic Polish food. The restaurant we tried is Karczma on 136 Greenpoint Avenue. This place was highly recommended by a couple of people who are recent arrivals from Poland, so on the strength of their recommendation we… Continue reading

Japan on the Hudson

Nestled along the banks of the Hudson River in Edgewater, NJ is a tiny enclave, housing a bit of Japan called Mitsuwa Market. It's basically a supermarket, a small department store (almost like a variety store), a ceramics store, bookstore, and most importantly a food court, specializing in all things Japanese. It is this last… Continue reading

Facade of Heirloom Market

Heirloom Market Barbecue, Atlanta, GA

After seeing this place featured in the TV Food Network, we had to try it for ourselves. Thank God for GPS as this place is not that easy to find (at least for us northerners who are strangers to Atlanta). It is more on the outskirts of Atlanta and in a very small strip mall… Continue reading

Eddie's Sweet Shop

Eddie’s Sweet Shop, Forest Hills, NY

You scream, I scream, we scream for ice cream! Or so this old childhood saying goes. No truer words have been spoken though since almost everyone loves ice cream. This old school ice cream parlor located in Forest Hills, Queens is a testament to that. The place was packed when we were there on a… Continue reading

Otafuku Medetai Facade 1

Otafuku Medetai, New York, NY

If you want to try some Japanese street food without having to fly off to Japan, you should meander along St. Mark's area in the East Village.  There you will find a plethora of quaint little shops offering a variety of these foods like, Yakitori, Sushi, Ramen, Japanese Barbecue, Japanese comfort food, snacks, and desserts. A couple… Continue reading

Dim Sum service

Ping’s Restaurant, Queens, NY

This is our third time to have Dim Sum in this restaurant and have been quite pleased every time. Located along Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst, this place is not too hard to get to, you can simply take the R train to Grand Avenue, Newtown or drive. They have a parking lot across the street.… Continue reading

Pok Pok NY (Front)

Pok Pok NY, Brooklyn, New York

After reading so much about Pok Pok, I finally got to try it, and I'm glad I did. Getting to the place was a bit of a challenge since it is tucked away in the Brooklyn waterfront on Columbia Street, a good hike from the subway and in an area where parking is at a… Continue reading